Chapter 1109 – Crazy White Brook

Chapter 1109 – Crazy White Brook

“My apologies, Island Master.” Lin Ming sincerely said. He clearly knew that Xiao Skywhite reprimanded him in order to protect him in this situation.

However, White Brook refused to let go. “Xiao Skywhite, I have something to say today. This junior is not someone from my Carefree Island and he actually comes here to spout utter garbage, questioning me in front of everyone present and slandering the clean reputation of my White Family. If I were to let this go today, then what face would I have left!”

Someone like White Brook, who had occupied such a high and lofty position for all this time, was the same as someone who sat upon the imperial throne to mortals. He was like someone who had been an emperor for dozens of years already and was long used to all ministers and everyone else below him being utterly servile in his presence. But now, there was actually a boy who suddenly appeared out of nowhere and was daring to impugn his honor in front of everyone, and also question his words. From this alone, the results could be imagined.

“Elder White, may I ask why you would say that?” Lin Ming coldly asked, sneering inwardly.

“If you say that Mirrorjade betrayed you, then where is the evidence? Take out...

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