Chapter 1107 – Heroic Sacrifice

Chapter 1107 – Heroic Sacrifice

In most sects, it wasn’t clear just who had a greater standing between the Highest Elders and the Sect Master. This would have to depend on one’s prestige and strength. In Carefree Island, White Brook’s prestige was much greater than Xiao Skywhite’s. After all, there was the tremendous difference in their age.

In truth, one could also see this from how high each peak was that everyone was sitting at. The Highest Elders occupied the highest mountain peaks, and Xiao Skywhite’s mountain peak was several degrees lower. As for the Great Elder and the inner court Elders, they sat at even lower spots.

“It is returned; not a gift.” Xiao Skywhite corrected White Brook’s words.

“Whether it is returning or giving, none of that matters.” White Brook casually said. He completely ignored the fact that the Ten Severing Dao Fruit Tree didn’t belong to Carefree Island to begin with.

“All that’s important is who the Ten Severing Dao Fruit Tree will belong to in the end. Mirrorjade has a 60-70% chance of returning triumphantly. Even if most of the forces cannot return, as long as he returns safely, he will bring a profit of 70-80 billion or even 100 billion violet sun stones to the sect! He might even cause tremendous losses to the forces of the...

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