Chapter 1106 – Highest Elder

Chapter 1106 – Highest Elder

“Senior-apprentice Sister Ye, take a look, how much wealth is inside that ring?” Junior-apprentice Brother Song quietly whispered to Ye Rosewater as he looked at White Mirrorjade’s spatial ring.

Ye Rosewater turned towards that Junior-apprentice Brother Song and berated him, “Are you a heartless idiot? Now is not the time to be caring about things like wealth. Moreover, it doesn’t belong to you to begin with, so why do you care so much? Hurry up and record a jade slip report that covers everything that happened in this battle in detail. Make sure you highlight the several questionable points that happened to us in the sandstorm, and also make sure you emphasize Junior-apprentice Brother Lin’s role on the battlefield. Ah… just write it as truthfully as you can.”

Ye Rosewater sighed. “I hope that the merits recorded in the report...

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