Chapter 1105 – Aren’t You The Best Evidence?

Chapter 1105 – Aren’t You The Best Evidence?

White Mirrorjade sneered inwardly. He never imagined that Lin Ming would correctly guess that he was the one who had betrayed them. Nevertheless, his actions had been particularly discreet and he had never left behind any clues.

“Junior-apprentice Brother Lin, I know that you wish to have sole possession of the Occult Bone Clan and Splintersoul Mountain’s resources, thus you tried to kill me. Greed is the inherent nature of all men, but don’t you think the excuse you found is a bit too paltry? If you say that I was the one who betrayed you, do you have evidence?”

“Evidence?” Lin Ming’s lips curved up in a taunting smile, “Aren’t you the best evidence?”

As Lin Ming spoke, he suddenly moved once more, swinging out the Phoenix Blood Spear again and again. Cold light flashed in the air. In a brief moment, all of White Mirrorjade’s ligaments and tendons in his arms and feet had been completely severed.

White Mirrorjade weakly coughed and his body shivered. Because of excessive blood loss, his blood pressure was too low. Even though his tendons and ligaments had been cut apart, he didn’t bleed too much.

After seeing White Mirrorjade being butchered like a pig by Lin Ming, all of White Mirrorjade’s subordinates began to tremble. Some of them were trembling...

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