Chapter 1104 – What Do We Do?

Chapter 1104 – What Do We Do?

“This… this…”

All of the disciples present, including even Ye Rosewater, were staring with wide eyes. White Mirrorjade hadn’t died, but the result was almost the same. Lin Ming’s spear had crushed apart his organs!

Had Lin Ming gone insane?

As for White Mirrorjade’s minions, all of them had frightened expressions on their faces as if they had seen a ghost.

“Senior-apprentice Brother White… Senior-apprentice Brother White… how could he…”

Throughout the entire fight, although Lin Ming had stabbed out 101 spear strikes, it had lasted less than ten breaths of time. In such a short period of time, White Mirrorjade had actually been wounded to near death!

Although White Mirrorjade’s condition wasn’t too good to begin with and he had also been surprise attacked by Lin Ming, after burning his own blood essence and the blood essence contained in the top grade saint artifact, his strength had still been no worse than it would be in his peak state. Even then, he had been defeated in a single move afterwards! How could that be possible?

“Senior-apprentice Brother White! Senior-apprentice Brother White!”

“Damnit, no matter what happened, this is a death sentence for Lin Ming!”

“What a heinous and unforgivable sinful man. Let’s execute him now!”


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