Chapter 1103 – Sudden Attack

Chapter 1103 – Sudden Attack

Under the commentary of White Mirrorjade and his subordinates, Ye Rosewater and the others all had affronted expressions on their faces. Lin Ming sneered. He took out Gongyang Bonesmash and Soul Thousandmile’s spatial rings from his Extreme Violet Ring. Then, he took one back and said, “I can acknowledge that you played some part in everything. Since that’s the case, fine, of the two spatial rings I will take one and the other I will give to you.”

As Lin Ming spoke, the disciples around White Mirrorjade became enraged. “You simply don’t know what’s good for you. Senior-apprentice Brother White isn’t haggling with you and yet you are trying to climb all over him! You want to take one? Even if the heavily wounded Soul Thousandmile and Gongyang Bonesmash were killed by you, you still relied on the team to kill them. What rights do you have to take one?”

“Senior-apprentice Brother White, this dastardly fellow simply doesn’t know what death or danger is. You should just deal with him according to the sect rules. With Senior-apprentice Brother White’s strength, doing so would be beyond easy! If one dares to defy orders in a mystic realm, that was originally a capital crime to begin with! The Council of Elders will not say anything about it.”

Many disciples complained. As for White...

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