Chapter 1101 – If I Were You, I’d Have Already Killed Myself

Chapter 1101 – If I Were You, I’d Have Already Killed Myself

“Senior-apprentice Brother White, you are truly wise and heroic! You’ve really opened our eyes!”

“Wow, I knew Senior-apprentice Brother White was strong, but I never imagined you would be such an indomitable warrior! Those two great masters, Gongyang Bonesmash and Soul Thousandmile, were both beaten silly by Senior-apprentice Brother White and sent running to the hills! It looks like Senior-apprentice Brother White becoming Island Master in the future is already a settled matter.”

“Yah, yah! Since we’ll be following Senior-apprentice Brother White in the future, our days will be awesome! Hahaha!”

All around White Mirrorjade, disciples were breathlessly flattering him. The results of this bitter fight had far exceeded their loftiest expectations. Moreover, their harvests in this mystic realm had been considerable. Those that lived would surely be given great rewards once they returned to the sect!

Not just that, but the strength White Mirrorjade had displayed had allowed them to see hope in the future. If they had fought alongside an impending Island Master, their future accomplishments could be imagined.

In the face of all these compliments, White Mirrorjade shook his head and said, “How could I be the Island Master? There are more direct disciples...

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