Chapter 1099 – Sitting Back and Waiting

Chapter 1099 – Sitting Back and Waiting


Waiting four hours was quite comfortable for Lin Ming and the others. They all rested in meditation, restoring their strength to their peak condition.

As for Lin Ming, he also sifted through the spatial rings left behind by the Splintersoul Mountain and Occult Bone Clan disciples. Unfortunately, their spatial rings didn’t have many resources. This group had only been a small one sent mainly to eliminate Lin Ming, and the majority of the gathered resources should be with the main team.

“Really too poor.”

Lin Ming shook his head. For someone like him, who had seen so many rare heavenly materials, the wealth of these disciples couldn’t be considered much. As for their cultivation method jade slips, they were also useless. Splintersoul Mountain practiced soul attack type cultivation methods and the Occult Bone Clan practiced sexual cultivation methods, where they meditated on the Laws of Life through sex.

As for cultivation methods, Lin Ming had no lack of them now. The Magic Cube had an immense number of soul fragments within it, containing a trove of memories. It was just that these people couldn’t be considered as being at the peak for the current Lin Ming.

And, Lin Ming’s spiritual...

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