Chapter 1098 – Reap the Spoils From The Wearied

Chapter 1098 – Reap the Spoils From The Wearied

In that battle just now, only a small number of Carefree Island’s disciples had received minor wounds. No one had died and none of them had been severely wounded. With a martial artist’s ability to meditate and recover, they could restore themselves to full strength in just two to four hours.

And Lin Ming was even faster. With the dragon marrow blood supporting him, he simply hadn’t even used up any energy or strength just now; he was near his peak condition from the get go.

“Let’s move somewhere else.” Lin Ming said after he saw the Carefree Island disciples healed up.

“Move somewhere else?” Ye Rosewater asked, a bit surprised. However, Lin Ming didn’t offer an explanation and simply led everyone in another direction.

Imperceptibly, Lin Ming had already established himself in a position of absolute power in the team. Even if he issued an order without any reasoning given, no one would question him.

Lin Ming took up all the spatial rings and identification tokens of the Splintersoul Mountain and Occult Bone Clan disciples. Then, he led the Carefree Island disciples to an area several hundred feet away.

After a bit, Lin Ming stopped in an area thick with stone outcroppings and said, “We’ll stop here.”

“Why here?” Ye Rosewater looked around and found that besides the cover provided by the giant...

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