Chapter 1097 – I’ll Cut It Off

Chapter 1097 – I’ll Cut It Off

How could Ye Rosewater listen to the useless chatter of the Occult Bone Clan captain? The long sword in her hand thrust towards his vital points.

The Occult Bone Clan captain let out a deep roar, but just as he did so, without any time to react, a massive pressure came falling down from the skies, completely enveloping him. His body shook and his strength began to rapidly fade away. At the same time, Ye Rosewater’s sword chopped towards his waist.

“This damned force field!”

The Occult Bone Clan captain panicked. He wasn’t Ye Rosewater’s match to begin with, and now that he was covered in Lin Ming’s grandmist space and world of will projection, he felt like he was a bug caught in a spider’s web, unable to move at all.


The bone sword and Ye Rosewater’s blue sword collided. The Occult Bone Clan captain only felt a sinister true essence creep into his body like a viper, causing his entire body to be numbed.

And at this time he suddenly felt a chill crawl over him. He didn’t need to turn around to see that Lin Ming was rushing towards him; it was like a cold blade was quickly approaching his chest. These two masters were already stronger than him to begin with, and now they had placed...

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