Chapter 1096 – Cut Them Down

Chapter 1096 – Cut Them Down

With a twist of the Phoenix Blood Spear, the Splintersoul Mountain captain’s ribs were completely broken apart. Fresh heart blood sprayed out over a dozen meters!

The Splintersoul Mountain captain was cut down together with his top grade saint artifact ghost banner. And, the sounds of his screaming spread out far and wide, causing all of the disciples to glance in his direction.

Everyone turned their heads to see the Splintersoul Mountain captain’s blood pouring onto the ground. But this wasn’t the end. With an explosive crackling sound, the Splintersoul Mountain captain’s protective true essence shattered. With his body covered by the grandmist space and all of his protective true essence gone, he now directly faced the annihilating Laws of the grandmist space. His flesh and blood began to break down!

Haunting and painful groans issued from his tattered throat. An essence gathering system martial artist had a comparatively frail physical body to begin with, so without their protective true essence, how could they possibly resist the grandmist space and the invasion of that incomparably heavy elementary grandmist energy? With a popping sound, the Splintersoul Mountain captain’s entire body exploded into a burst of blood rain. As this blood rain splattered into the air, it was directly...

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