Chapter 1095 – Lure the Enemy

Chapter 1095 – Lure the Enemy

“You… how did your soul…”

The Splintersoul Mountain captain looked at Lin Ming with fear etched on his face. He wasn’t injured because of Lin Ming’s direct attack, but because he had suffered a backlash after sending out his soul attack. Lin Ming’s soul defense was so powerful that it left him horrified. In front of Lin Ming, the Laws of Soul and Life that he was so skilled in had become a joke.

“Lin Ming!”

Ye Rosewater rushed over to Lin Ming’s side. Because she had used up her immediate energy in her attack and because of her panic over Lin Ming being attacked, her face was flushed red and her chest was heaving up and down.

She glanced over at the two captains from Splintersoul Mountain and the Occult Bone Clan. Of these people, one of them had been struck back by Lin Ming and the other had been wounded to the point of spitting blood. They were both direct disciples of their sects; ordinary late Divine Sea martial artists could not compare with them.

Behind Ye Rosewater, the other disciples of Carefree Island also rushed forwards. As they saw the Splintersoul Mountain captain with blood spilling out from his mouth, their eyes shined. Before, Lin Ming’s accurate discovery of the enemy had reassured them, but that was only discovering the enemy....

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