Chapter 1093 – Ambush

Chapter 1093 – Ambush

They walked for several breaths of time as Lin Ming led the disciples of Carefree Island to the back of a giant crag.

“Stay here and hide. Don’t move!”

“This is… what are we doing?”

Many disciples were confused. But they were used to obeying orders, and in this sandstorm, they were no different from being blind. It was simpler to do whatever Lin Ming asked of them.

“Do you guys know how to use attack array formations?” Lin Ming suddenly asked, remembering something.

When he was in the God Beast Mystic Realm, the battle formation the Ancient Dragon Clan used had left a deep impression on Lin Ming. If it weren’t for that terrifying combined combat strength that forcefully diverted the Asura King’s attention, there was no way Lin Ming could have obtained the supreme dragon bone and helped Mo Eversnow reaw...

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