Chapter 1092 – Entering the Sandstorm

Chapter 1092 – Entering the Sandstorm

The disciples of Carefree Island didn’t have the confidence or spirit to face the Occult Bone Clan and Splintersoul Mountain together. Although Carefree Island was strong, their enemy was still the joint forces of the two other sects. In these past years, Carefree Island had mostly suffered disastrous defeats in the battles within the Red Desolate Mystic Realm. Moreover, there was only a very tiny number of disciples that came to this purple mountain to mine, and even fewer amongst them were direct disciples. Their cultivation levels were also much lower on average. Thus, when facing an enemy attack, it was natural to first think of retreating and finding support.

For many of the disciples, they would rather Lin Ming be wrong and be laughed at by everyone while desperately looking for the main team than face the villainous Occult Bone Clan and Splintersoul Mountain.

The previously speaking disciple wasn’t feeling too good about Lin Ming’s sneer. The other disciples were also confused as to what he was hinting at. Even Ye Rosewater was frowning, as if she were deep in thought.

Lin Ming took out the Phoenix Blood Spear from his spatial ring, his aura also spreading out with it. In the...

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