Chapter 1091 – The Enemy Raid in the Storm

Chapter 1091 – The Enemy Raid in the Storm

In the purple mountain pit tunnels, Lin Ming casually struck the faint purple walls. With the faint rustling of powder stone falling down, a tiny black fragment dislodged and fell down.

Lin Ming reached out and grabbed this black fragment. Although the fragment appeared simple, when he sent his senses through it he could feel a strange chill around it.

“What is this?” Lin Ming wondered. He felt that this was a tiny fragment from some weapon. But it was hard to imagine that a weapon fragment would still have a tiny fluctuation of energy after all this time.

“It’s a fragment of an extreme quality spirit artifact.” Mo Eversnow’s voice suddenly echoed out in Lin Ming’s mind.

There was a space barrier that separated a divergent mystic realm and the Divine Realm, and the stronger one was, the more difficult it was to pierce through this veil. Even battle puppets and incarnations were no exception. However, the Magic Cube and the space within the Magic Cube were not subject to this restriction.

When Lin Ming first entered the God Beast Mystic Realm, the Magic Cube had entered unhindered too. Moreover, at the Sky Spill Continent, Empyrean Primordius had sealed away the entire planet of the Sky Spill...

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