Chapter 1090 – Purple Mountain

Chapter 1090 – Purple Mountain

Of the two teams, the main team consisted of 90% of the original group’s strength, while the secondary team consisted of only 10%. Both of the two great masters, Ye Rosewater and White Mirrorjade, were on the main team.

The strongest martial artists on the secondary team were two middle Divine Sea female disciples. Both of them were Ye Rosewater’s trusted subordinates. Besides them, there was only Lin Ming. Lin Ming had an eighth stage Life Destruction cultivation, and his strength was able to suppress the early Divine Sea Liu Yun. But as to where the true limits of his strength lay, no one but Lin Ming himself actually knew.

Ye Rosewater was completely perturbed with such a distribution.

White Mirrorjade calmly said, “I’ve already said they will be going to a tunnel underground. There are layers of rocks that can shield them from the senses of others, and it will serve to hide their positions so they won’t be in any danger. On the other hand, the main team will be wandering about the vast dessert. We have thousands of people and our goal is also much greater. As long as Splintersoul Mountain and the Occult Bone Clan aren’t blind, they’ll discover us. Did you want me to send the main force into the mining tunnels and leave the scattered...

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