Chapter 109 - The Acacia Faction

Chapter 109 – The Acacia Faction

“Haha, of course it’s not them. The one I’m talking about is…”  Bai Jingyun had spoken to this point, when the voice of the herald suddenly sounded out from behind the entrance. “The Seven Profound Martial House’s Lin Ming, Mister Lin!”

Upon hearing this announcement, almost all of the people in the hall looked at the entrance; many of them had already begun crowding towards the front.

Following the lead of two gorgeous maids, Lin Ming slowly walked into the hall. Although he had changed into decent clothes for today’s event, it was still a far cry from the high-class and magnificent clothing that the nobles and other celebrities had worn. Still, because Lin Ming had been practicing accumulating his momentum these past days, even ordinary clothes on him were especially dazzling in the crowd.

Lin Ming thought back to what the herald had just called him and had a queer feeling in his heart.

Mister Lin? He really wasn’t used to be calling that.

Lin Ming didn’t have a position in the government nor did he have a title. He was a common person with a common background; one could say his only status was as a disciple of the Seven Profound Martial House. But the herald did not dare to address Lin Ming by name, so he had added the title of ‘mister’.

“That’s Lin Ming!...

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