Chapter 1087 – Dragon Bone Relics

Chapter 1087 – Dragon Bone Relics

After Mo Riverbliss received the supreme dragon bone, she formed dozens of seals and sent them out. In the blink of an eye, the space around her and the spirit artifact furnace was isolated from the outside. A strange space barrier came falling down. On the walls of this space barrier, there were countless faint traces, as if they were made of water.

Lin Ming recognized that these were the traces of the Time Laws. Mo Riverbliss sectioned off a space around her using the power of the Time Laws, in order to speed up the passage of time. Looking at the fluctuations of energy coming from the patterns, he estimated that the time inside was a few dozen times faster.

In other words, one day outside would mean around one month inside.

From this, Lin Ming could see that refining the dragon bone essence was more difficult than he had imagined. Even with the assistance of Mo Riverbliss, it would still take a long time.

Accelerating time couldn’t be considered some profound use of the Concept of Time. Geniuses of large sects didn’t use this to train often; they would only occasionally use it for specific circumstances.

This was mainly because accelerating the time within wouldn’t extend one’s life. If ten years passed inside the isolated time space, one would age ten years. There wasn’t...

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