Chapter 1086 – The Eight Inner Hidden Gates, the Sixth Gate

Chapter 1086 – The Eight Inner Hidden Gates, the Sixth Gate

The demon-masked man was silent for a moment. He finally said, “I’ve come here today to inform you about a top genius of Carefree Island. The degree of his talent far surpasses even that of Ye Rosewater, but his cultivation is only at the eighth stage of Life Destruction. Without accident, in just several hundred years he will grow to a degree that can give Splintersoul Mountain a headache of problems. If he is allowed to grow for a thousand years, he will even be able to shake the foundations of Splintersoul Mountain. Here is information on him. This time he should also be participating during this entry of the Red Desolate Mystic Realm. You should all know what to do next.”

He flung a jade slip into Soul Thousandmile’s hand.

“Keke.” Soul Thousandmile licked his lips as he swept his sense through the jade slip. The first thing that caught his attention was an energy projection image of Lin Ming. “Eighth stage Life Destruction? Is Carefree Island really so poor that they’re out of soldiers? They are even sending such a talented disciple with a low cultivation into the Red Desolate Mystic Realm and not waiting for him to grow up. Aren’t they afraid that he’ll die there?”

“Haha, it looks like Carefree Island...

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