Chapter 1085 – Traitor

Chapter 1085 – Traitor

In the early morning of Carefree Pavilion, the heaven and earth origin energy was especially rich. The faint rising mist and the light of dawn flooded the mountain valley. The scenery was like a paradise on earth, with thick spirit energy that could extend the life of a mortal by a hundred years just by drinking it.

In Free Ming Pavilion, Lin Ming was completely immersed within the spirit spring, naked. Water flowed into his mouth and nose, throughout his entire body and out his pores, a faint trace of essence staying behind in his body.

Currently, Lin Ming’s foundation had already reached an unbelievably solid degree. In truth, if he wanted to and decided to give up the path of dual body and energy cultivation and solely focus on the essence gathering system, he wouldn’t need any heavenly materials to break into Ninefall. If he further decided to give up perceiving the Laws, he could easily rely on his own passive accumulation and break into the Divine Sea, Divine Transformation, and even Divine Lord realm with utter ease and speed. But this would also be where he stopped. He would encounter another bottleneck, one he wouldn’t able to pass.

Lin Ming naturally wouldn’t choose to do something like that. The path he chose was...

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