Chapter 1083 – The Sad Brother Liu

Chapter 1083 – The Sad Brother Liu

At this time, outside of the simulation mystic realm, White Mirrorjade and Ye Rosewater were both managing the array formation. Suddenly, the simulation mystic realm’s array formation shuddered.

“Mm? Someone came out?” Ye Rosewater said.

Beside her, White Mirrorjade glanced at the time and faintly said, “There’s no way it can be so fast. Someone ís probably severely wounded and sent out. There are many of them that can’t pass through the 30th level; lasting for an hour is more than adequate.”

“Mm, that should be right.” Just as Ye Rosewater nodded, a light flashed and a bloodied Carefree Island disciple was sent out.

White Mirrorjade’s senses swept over the disciple’s body. This disciple hadn’t been injured too greatly; he would only need to spend a few days in bed. In the simulation mystic realm, as long as one didn’t surpass their own limits and run into a great deal of bad luck, there wouldn’t be any life-threatening injuries.

“Here.” White Mirrorjade tossed out a recovery pill from his spatial ring and the disciple caught it with a great deal of shame before swallowing it down. After getting...

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