Chapter 1081 – Perish Together?

Chapter 1081 – Perish Together?

The simulation mystic realm that White Mirrorjade spoke of was less than 10 miles away from Carefree Pavilion. Carefree Island spent a great deal of energy and resources in constructing this simulation mystic realm. There were a massive number of array formations as well as aggressive puppets and vicious beasts. It was able to copy the situation inside the divergent mystic realm to the closest degree so that disciples could gain experience.

After all, it was no small cost to enter a divergent mystic realm just once. If someone went in and died, that would truly be a great price.

Lin Ming stood before the simulation mystic realm and investigated it with his senses. This simulation mystic realm covered an area of a hundred miles, but what was fascinating was that there were countless space folding array formations within. This meant that the space within was many times larger than expected. If one wanted to go in and obtain the simulation treasures, it truly wouldn’t be easy.

“Haha, Lin Ming, do you have the guts to test yourself? I’ll join you!”

Liu Yan chortled as he stood before the simulation mystic realm.

Lin Ming glanced at Liu Yan. At this time, Ye Rosewater said with a true essence sound transmission, “Junior-apprentice...

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