Chapter 1078 – His Skin Is Not of Ordinary Thickness

Chapter 1078 – His Skin Is Not of Ordinary Thickness

In the past when Lin Ming absorbed the dragon marrow and the Asura King’s source energy, his body had reached the limit. It was impossible to eat heavenly materials without end; he would be unable to absorb them at some point. For the left over dragon bone, Lin Ming had to slowly fuse with it.

“The resources that Miss Mo left behind are divided into the body transformation system and the essence gathering system. The essence gathering system resources were collected at Carefree Island, and they are also what I need to break through to the ninth stage of Life Destruction,” Lin Ming thought out loud.

Because he dual cultivated in body and energy, his body was incomparably solid and durable. It was far harder for him to make breakthroughs in Life Destruction than an ordinary martial artist. As for breaking through to the ninth stage of Life Destruction, that was at least a hundred times more difficult than it would be for others!

If he were to fuse the supreme dragon bone as well as open another one of the Eight Inner Hidden Gates before attempting to cross Ninefall, the difficulty would rise to an unbelievable degree!

Ultimately, the rules of the universe had changed some inestimable period of time ago, and now those that chose to dual cultivate in body and energy could be said to be...

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