Chapter 1077 – Reunion

Chapter 1077 – Reunion

Lin Ming followed the gray-clothed man into Carefree Palace, all the way forwards. Lin Ming could feel the countless array formations layered upon every inch of Carefree Palace. There were numerous time and space tunnels leading to other zones and pathways just like an endless labyrinth. If these array formations were activated and managed by a powerhouse, even a late Divine Lord master would be instantly twisted to death.

The gray-clothed old man brought Lin Ming flying into Carefree Palace for some time before finally stopping at the entrance doors of a hall. He gestured forwards. This gray-clothed old man was only able to send him this far.

Lin Ming thanked the old man and then pushed the doors open, walking inside. As he looked behind these doors, he was surprised to find what seemed like another world through them, incomparably broad, as if it were a separate space and time. Lin Ming could even hear the roars of massive ancient vicious beasts in the distance. He didn’t know whether these roars were sounds produced by the array formation or if they were true great beasts that were raised in this spirit artifact; it was truly shocking.

In this world, there was a green-clothed young woman already waiting. She faintly smiled as she saw Lin...

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