Chapter 1076 – Riverbliss Jadeheart

Chapter 1076 – Riverbliss Jadeheart

Carefree Island was a quasi-Holy Land level sect. At the main continent of True Martial World, the Island Master of Carefree Island could be called someone that ruled over their own considerable dominion. In the eyes of Carefree Island’s ordinary disciples, he was a mythical existence, how could anyone see him just because they wanted to?

The blue-clothed youth stared at Lin Ming, “Could it be you want to see the Island Master?”

Lin Ming nodded without hesitation. He might not be able to reveal that he was searching for Mo Eversnow’s aunt, but there was no reason he had to hide that he wanted to see the Island Master.

As Lin Ming nodded, the Divine Sea disciples present were shocked. This boy had certainly taken the wrong medicine. Just who did he think he was? He had only just arrived at Carefree Island yet already wanted to see the Island Master? The Island Master had gone into seclusion for such a long time that not even these disciples had seen him before.

The blue-clothed youth looked Lin Ming up and down, frowning. “Not everyone can see the Island Master. Only those on the Council of Elders are allowed an audience with the Island Master. As for disciples, your only chance is if you become one of the top direct disciples....

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