Chapter 1075 – Entering the Sect

Chapter 1075 – Entering the Sect

“Welcome, everyone. I am the host for this entrance examination. My last name is White, so you may call me Senior-apprentice Brother White. All of you have waited for a long time already. I won’t mince words. First, those of you below 20 years of age who have a recommendation letter from a sixth-grade martial family or above may directly go and stand over there; you have passed.”

The blue-clothed youth surnamed White languidly said. As he finished speaking, several Xiantian realm martial artists glanced at each other, happily standing out. They were two men and two women, all of them in their teens. They also seemed a bit puerile.

These four were all at the early Xiantian and middle Xiantian realm. Their families were influences that were subordinate to Carefree Island and they had the qualifications to be recommended to join Carefree Island. Although they knew that crossing the threshold with their family’s recommendation wouldn’t be a problem, they were still happy to be given such preferential treatment.

As everyone looked at these four geniuses, everyone, especially those wandering martial artists, revealed looks of envy. They were young, they were talented, and they had now even joined a large sect; their future was limitless. In the future it wouldn’t be any problem for them to step...

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