Chapter 1074 – Carefree Island

Chapter 1074 – Carefree Island

Every great world of the Divine Realm’s 3000 great worlds had a central continent called the primary world. This primary world was a landmass of nearly unimaginable breadth, and was also considered the core of a Divine Realm great world. The heaven and earth origin energy here was the richest and the resources bred here were also of the highest quality. The number of people living on a primary world reached an incalculable number, the average strength of the martial artists was higher, and the inheritances they studied were also much better.

Even the common people practiced martial arts. If one walked into the marketplace of mortal nations, they would see Altering Muscle and Bone Forging realm martial artists everywhere. Even Houtian and Xiantian martial artists were relatively common.

If the foundation of people was excellent, then there would naturally be more masters and the sects would also be larger. Almost 90% of the Holy Lands were located on primary worlds.

Far above the seas of True Martial World’s primary world, looking down, one could see vast and surging waves of mist with countless islands scattered...

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