Chapter 1072 – Display of Strength

Chapter 1072 – Display of Strength

As soon as Mo Eversnow sensed the appearance of the origin energy cloud, she perked up. Although there had been several layers of concealing array formations laid down, they were only to hide the cave dwelling. It was extremely difficult to hide this sort of turbulent heaven and earth origin energy. Luckily, there wasn’t any sort of extremely powerful master on this planet. As long as no Divine Lord powerhouse appeared, Mo Eversnow would be able to kill them.

The origin energy cloud grew increasingly large. From three miles, to six miles, nine miles, 12 miles… all the way to 18 miles!

“Six Layered Heavens Life Destruction?”

Mo Eversnow’s complexion changed as she sensed the size of the origin energy cloud outside of the cave dwelling. A Six Layered Heavens ninth stage Life Destruction couldn’t be considered anything at all, but a Six Layered Heavens eighth stage Life Destruction was something else. When Lin Ming finally broke through to the ninth stage of Life Destruction, the size of the origin energy cloud he produced then would be on a horrifying scale.

At this moment, the particles of Lin Ming’s flesh and blood turned into a red light that broke out of the cave dwelling, piercing straight into the origin energy clouds. The heavens and earth lost their color as winds and storms surged about!

The origin energy clouds contained both Mystic Realm Laws as well...

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