Chapter 1071 – Crossing Eightfall

Chapter 1071 – Crossing Eightfall

Time slowly passed. Lin Ming withstood the agonizing suffering for an entire hour. This pain  simply couldn’t be described with words. It was like every bit and piece of his flesh and blood was being grinded down by the dragon blood. This was even more painful than being roasted within the Hells of Flame; his body was directly burnt from the inside out.

And at this time, the dragon marrow began to show its miraculous effects. As a part of the dragon marrow fused with Lin Ming’s body, it began to display its powerful regenerative abilities.

Some of Lin Ming’s shattered meridians and torn organs began to slowly regenerate. As they did, he felt his entire body itch. But before these wounds could fully heal, they would tear right back open. This painful ripping along with the unbearable itching was a feeling that made one wish for death.

All of Lin Ming’s blood and sweat was mixed together in a crimson pool on the ground. Lin Ming had lost over 80% of his blood. An ordinary person would have died to the point of not being able to die any more. Even if it were a martial artist, losing so much blood would begin to affect their life source. But, Lin Ming had dragon marrow in his body, and this dragon marrow was slowly fusing into Lin Ming’s own marrow...

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