Chapter 1070 – Absorbing the Dragon Marrow

Chapter 1070 – Absorbing the Dragon Marrow


Lin Ming’s eyebrows jumped up. After Mo Eversnow’s grandfather died, Tian Mingzi was actually able to tear apart the factions of the Verdant Feather Holy Lands. This sort of plan had probably been percolating for a painstakingly long time, and he had likely even had the thought of revolting much earlier.

It was difficult to ascertain all the different interests and conflicts within a super sect. Although Tian Mingzi was the direct disciple of Mo Eversnow’s grandfather, as time passed and his wings grew, he began to reveal greater ambitions. And, when Mo Eversnow’s grandfather felt this, he began to guard against it. Tian Mingzi then in turn discovered that Mo Eversnow’s grandfather was guarding against him and thus their conflicts would never be resolved.

With Tian Mingzi’s strength and status, it was certainly easy for him to win over supporters. In the past, even though Mo Eversnow’s talent was beyond belief, she was still too young. After the old World King died, it was far too hard for her to manage affairs. Thus, the World King level Verdant Feather Holy Lands had been destroyed because of all these circumstances gathering together. It was a truly sad and mournful time.

However, through Mo Eversnow’s description, Lin Ming also developed some...

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