Chapter 107 - The Pass of Desire

Chapter 107 – The Pass of Desire

With Lin Ming’s current fame in Sky Fortune City, there were many major powers that wanted to show their good will to Lin Ming. However, because of the regulations and customs of the Seven Profound Martial House, they could not disturb Lin Ming’s cultivation unless he left the Martial House or contacted them on his own initiative.

Under the jade stage, the lake was tranquil and shimmering deep green, as if it were a huge liquid emerald. As it was late in autumn, the rows of weeping willows surrounding the lake were already a dry, golden yellow. As the gentle autumn wind blew across the lake surface, the leaves swirled into the air like a golden moth before fluttering gently downwards. What was surprising though was that there was not a single leaf that fell into the lake.

Lin Ming sat cross-legged on the sea jade platform. This platform was the illusory magic array that was used in the entrance examination’s Dream Trial. It was only open during the beginning of spring and fall when the two exams were conducted. However, it was not the start of fall anymore, so it was closed to the Martial House disciples.

However, Lin Ming’s status was special now, so he was specially permitted to train and feel his heart of martial arts.

During the entrance examination of the Seven Profound Martial House, when Lin Ming was in the sea jade platform’s dream land, he found that there was a flaw in his heart from the pass of desire. In the pass of desire,...

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