Chapter 1069 – Secret of the Magic Cube

Chapter 1069 – Secret of the Magic Cube

“You brat… why are you insisting on leaving?” Huo Violentstone huffed. But as he saw Lin Ming’s earnest expression, he relented. He knew that when Lin Ming did things, he naturally had his own reasons for doing so. He wouldn’t do something that he didn’t have a full grasp of. Whether it was Huo Yanguang or seizing the drop of Ancient Phoenix blood essence, he had done so with full confidence.

Lin Ming hesitated. In truth, having to think of a reason wasn’t too difficult. In fact, he could even come up with some ridiculous reasoning like he was being drawn in by the dark grip of destiny or something like that. After all, destiny was an illusory enough concept that he could attribute his reasons to that and there wasn’t anyone that could doubt it.

However, just as Lin Ming was about to speak, Huo Violentstone waved his hand and said, “Well, whatever. It’s fine as long as you know what you’re doing. I trust in your judgement.”

“Thank you Honorable Master for your approval.” Lin Ming was glad. If possible, he didn’t want to come up with some random lie to deceive Huo Violentstone.

Beside Lin Ming, Yan Littlemoon also relaxed. If Lin Ming didn’t leave then Huo Violentstone would truly bring up the idea of marriage to her Yan Family, and then she would be stuck in...

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