Chapter 1067 – Leaving the Mystic Realm

Chapter 1067 – Leaving the Mystic Realm

“Yan Littlemoon’s memories of this have all been erased by me. We may leave now. If I don’t have a body to possess, then my combat strength will be much lower than it is now. You will have to rely on yourself in the future.”

Mo Eversnow softly said. In terms of the soul, she was absolutely a peak master. Otherwise, doing something as reckless as erasing someone’s memories or possessing their body might cause damage to their soul. But in Mo Eversnow’s hands, there was no danger of any of that happening.

“Mm, I understand.” Lin Ming also didn’t plan to rely on Mo Eversnow to help him fight. What he could truly rely on in the end was his own strength.

“That’s right, concerning your grandmist space and the Prime Emperor Lotus Flower, in the future I will teach you an auxiliary cultivation method. Not only will it increase your strength, but when you use martial skills, this cultivation...

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