Chapter 1066 – Treasures of the Dead

Chapter 1066 – Treasures of the Dead

Lin Ming hadn’t had enough time to explore the specific inventory within the spatial ring when all of Dragon One’s blood essence was formed into a blood bead underneath the towing of Mo Eversnow’s thoughts.

Once a human martial artist absorbed the blood of a God Beast, it could no longer be purified and separated anymore. When a human absorbed the blood of a Dragon God Beast, it would directly fuse into that person’s bloodline. As for that person’s flesh and blood, it would be transformed, completely assimilating the dragon blood.

However, the dragon blood that the Asura King absorbed was different. The Asura King was a higher form of a mystic realm demon. The core of its existence was a being of pure energy. Thus, the quality of the dragon blood wouldn’t be affected, nor would it assimilate the dragon blood.

In fact, the Asura King actually didn’t absorb the dragon blood. And, after it died, its energy form could also be absorbed by a martial artist. If it had absorbed the dragon blood then that dragon blood would have melted and become one with the martial artist’s blood vitality.

Dragon blood was a one-time use treasure for a martial artist. This was also reasonable. Otherwise, the bloodline strength within the four God Beast Clans could be recycled without end.

Although this was so, there...

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