Chapter 1065 – The Wicked Cannot Be Saved From Their Sins

Chapter 1065 – The Wicked Cannot Be Saved From Their Sins

In the surging flows of magma, the passive Dragon One was like a tiny scurrying mouse. His protective true essence was lowered to the weakest state possible, and he didn’t produce the slightest sound or energy fluctuation as he went forwards. Even the red light of the magma twisted around him, causing him to be hidden in a constant blind spot.

The Turtle Shrinking Art was truly the number one concealment technique of the Ancient Dragon Clan. It wasn’t much worse than Lin Ming’s own grandmist space.

“I felt some intense true essence fluctuations before now. That should be an indication that the fight was very intense, but not they’ve slowed down and nearly stopped. I have no idea what the situation is like right now. That unknown existence must be weaker than the Asura King, otherwise it wouldn’t have hidden around waiting for its chance in the chaos. I estimate that its strength is much weaker than the combined strength of my Ancient Dragon Clan’s 36 disciples, much less something like the Asura King! However, since it decided to escape downwards and drill into the ground, that must mean that it has some sort of advantage in this environment where it complements the Laws here better. Since this is its own battleground, it must have some chance of...

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