Chapter 1064 – The Bad Luck Dragon One

Chapter 1064 – The Bad Luck Dragon One

In this world, there was no good that came for no reason and also no evil that came for no reason. Although today was the first time that Mo Eversnow and Lin Ming had spoken together, they were two individuals that had been aware of the other’s existence for 15 years now, and were linked together through the Magic Cube. Their fates could be said to be inexorably linked together.

Without Mo Eversnow, Lin Ming would not have been able to use the Magic Cube even if he obtained it, and thus he wouldn’t have his present achievements.

Without Lin Ming, it was unknown just when Mo Eversnow would have ever recovered her consciousness. If someone weak tried to help her, it would be impossible for them to find enough blood essence to bring her back. But if it were someone strong, they might try to delve into the secrets of the Magic Cube themselves and take it for their own. They could even lock down the defenseless Mo Eversnow and use her to refine a magic weapon or pill. After all, she was an unrivalled genius who had once been a half-step World King, and her divine soul was extremely valuable. Moreover, there were many special characteristics about her soul.

Only someone like Lin Ming, whom she had raised for all this time, had the possibility of helping her. Through these 15 years of observing him, she understood his behavior and personality....

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