Chapter 1063 – Another Dual Cultivator

Chapter 1063 – Another Dual Cultivator

“Mo Eversnow…”

Lin Ming was dazed for some time.

Ever since he had obtained the Magic Cube, there had been countless riddles he couldn’t figure out. He had sought the blood essence of increasingly powerful martial artists for the Magic Cube to swallow, in order to not just obtain the memory fragments within, but also because he subconsciously desired to know the secrets that surrounded the Magic Cube.

The Magic Cube was the most fundamental cause of Lin Ming’s rise!

Although, after reaching the Xiantian and Revolving Core realms, the Magic Cube in truth wasn’t too helpful to Lin Ming. A great portion of why Lin Ming had his current achievements was because of his own hard work, effort, and perseverance. But, it was undoubtedly true that if he didn’t have the Magic Cube, he would likely still be a small martial artist in the Sky Fortune Kingdom. His cultivation would at most be at the Pulse Condensation or Houtian realm; that would have been his limit.

It was the Magic Cube that had given Lin Ming the initial boost he needed to overcome the most difficult early times and also his lack of martial talent.

Lin Ming could confirm that the Magic Cube was one of the most priceless treasures of the universe. What he had been trying to answer all this time was what the Magic Cube was and also...

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