Chapter 1062 – Mo Eversnow

Chapter 1062 – Mo Eversnow

“Just who are you, why are you doing this to me!?” The Asura King wildly ranted. It could feel that it was already completely covered in the woman’s world of will. In this world of will, every drop of magma could turn into an incomparably sharp killing weapon and also into an inescapable cage. There was truly no path to heaven nor gate to hell!


The Asura King suddenly felt an agonizing pain. A surging flow of magma had turned into a large spear that thrust through its chest, causing it to vomit a mouthful of blood!

“Ahhhhh! Flesh and blood sacrifice!”

The Asura King raved, its eyes filled with an explosive color. This time, it exploded its complete right arm, using it as a sacrifice. This right arm burst apart into countless motes of flesh and blood essence energy that flew towards the Asura King. The Asura King intended to absorb this essence energy, transform it into usable energy and then convert that into a last desperate blow.

But at this moment, the Magic Cube Saintess spoke out another word. The flowing magma from all around gathered into a massive ball that smashed into the Asura King’s chest, causing its ribs to break in and blood to cover its entire body.

And after the Asura King’s right arm exploded and turned into bits and pieces of flesh...

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