Chapter 1061 – Revival After 50,000 Years

Chapter 1061 – Revival After 50,000 Years

The Asura King already had a 90% belief that it would be able to grasp Lin Ming. But, it worried that once it reached any deeper down, there would be some strange change that would occur. In order to guarantee absolute success, it discarded its hand. If it discarded its hand it would still be able to make up for it by swallowing more essence energy in the future, but if it lost the supreme dragon bone then it was over for it.

In that moment, Lin Ming felt death creeping ever closer to him. He only had a single god slaying bead left in his hand, and he had also consumed most of the divine protective talisman’s effects. It was uncertain if he could defend against this strike of the Asura King and also penetrate deeper into the magma.

“Give me your life!”

The Asura King grasped down. Its entire body was covered in a thick fog of blood and it suddenly bulged out. Its face no longer had the appearance of a handsome man anymore; it now looked no different than a hideous and cruel demon.

Lin Ming wouldn’t just stand there and wait for death to take him. He revolved his protective true essence to the limit and shot out the last god slaying bead in his hand!


The god slaying bead was seized by those demonic claws...

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