Chapter 1060 – White Light

Chapter 1060 – White Light

As Yan Littlemoon was panicking, to her astonishment, she saw a pale gray light emerge out of nowhere and cover the entire dragon bone.

Underneath this unknown energy, the strength of the dragon bone was rapidly pulled out!

The strength of the dragon bone was being pulled out?

Yan Littlemoon’s large eyes widened. Was this Lin Ming? No… if it were Lin Ming, then he would first enter the space within the ring before he absorbed the dragon bone. Moreover, absorbing the strength of the dragon bone was easier said than done. One would have to calm and still the mind to an extreme and adjust oneself to a peak condition before slowly absorbing the dragon bone’s strength, lest the body be unable to shoulder it.

Perhaps… could it be that it wasn’t the strength of the dragon bone that was being pulled out, but that the consciousness of the dragon spirit within the dragon bone had awoken, and was gathering the strength within the dragon bone to form its own body…?

Dragon spirit…

As Yan Littlemoon thought of this, her heart began to race.

“Do I need to warn Lin Ming of this? Does Lin Ming know?” Yan Littlemoon’s thoughts raced. She wanted to inform Lin Ming but she also feared that Lin Ming was in some dangerous fight at the mome...

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