Chapter 106 – Rise to Fame!

Chapter 106 – Rise to Fame!

“Crown Prince, Your Highness. Mister Muyi.” Lin Ming greeted with a smile.

“Haha, Little Brother Lin. Your growth is more and more astonishing!” Muyi’s heart filled with many emotions. He had thought that he already overestimated Lin Ming, but now he discovered that Lin Ming kept exceeding his expectations time and time again to create miracles.

“Mister Lin Ming. If you do not mind, how about coming to my palace. I will host a banquet for you as a welcoming reception.” Yang Lin said with warm enthusiasm.

Lin Ming let loose a light breath and said, “I’m sorry Your Highness, but in the fight just now I exhausted myself too much and must take some time to restore myself. I also attained some faint insights in this battle and would like to go back to digest them. I must decline the Crown Prince’s kindness with thanks. In a few days, I will certainly pay a personal visit.”

“Mm. That is also good. When Mister Lin Ming decides to pay a visit, send a sound transmitting talisman to inform me and I shall wait patiently for you.”


Tenth Prince Yang Zhen watched the Crown Prince and Lin Ming speaking to each other from a distance, and his face began to darken.

At this point, Yang Zhen received a message via true essence. “Your Highness, Lin Ming has accepted the Crown Prince’s invitation.”


“Your Highness,...

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