Chapter 1059 – Change In the Dragon Bone

Chapter 1059 – Change In the Dragon Bone

“Die for me!”

The Asura King shouted out, its voice thick with ice. As its claw grasped downwards, Lin Ming could feel the heaven and earth origin energy around him flee, and even the power of space seemed to freeze. There was nowhere for him to hide.

“How can it still be so strong!?”

Lin Ming grit his teeth. By relying on the Gate of Healing to support himself as well the grandmist battle armor that wrapped around his entire body, he had dove 300,000 feet underground, consuming 70% of his true essence to do so. But, before this, the Asura King had experienced its demonic tribulation and it had even engaged in a brutal battle with the Ancient Dragon Clan, receiving multiple wounds in the process. Even so, as the Asura King chased him all the way down here, not only had its speed not diminished, but its moves were still so powerful. It was like it had an immortal body!

Such formidable endurance and tolerance for pain was inconceivable!


The claw reached down for Lin Ming, surging with killing intent and demonic flames. This was a strike from the Asura King. Even though the Asura King was in an extremely poor state, this attack was absolutely still equal to a strike from a normal Divine Transformation realm martial artist.

And, martial artists that could reach Divine Transformation...

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