Chapter 1058 – The Strong Asura King

Chapter 1058 – The Strong Asura King

After Dragon One and the Asura King left, the rush of mystic realm demons slowed down. Without the Asura King directing them, these mystic realm demons no longer attacked without regard for their lives. Although they desired flesh and blood, they also cared for their lives. Although the disciples of the four clans were exhausted and nearly depleted of energy, each of them would still be able to easily drag down a few hundred mystic realm demons with them. And, those Divine Sea realm powerhouses were even more fierce. If they burnt some blood essence, they could kill several hundred if not a thousand mystic realm demons each.

After a massive number of mystic realm demons were killed, some of them gave birth to the idea of retreating before they unconsciously wandered away. Although the mystic realm demons still sieged the disciples of the four clans, the pressure on them was reduced by a great deal.

At this time, the disciples of the four clans took this chance to escape. As for chasing after Lin Ming, that was simply a joke. Not everyone was as crazy as Dragon One.

“To think someone profited from our efforts. How laughable, even though we suffered so many casualties, we still became a joke!”

“There’s nothing we can do. This...

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