Chapter 1057 – Crazy Dragon One

Chapter 1057 – Crazy Dragon One

After Yan Littlemoon was received into Lin Ming’s Extreme Violet Ring, it felt as if every moment inside was as long as an eternity. This was because in the sealed space of the Extreme Violet Ring, she had no idea what was happening outside. All she knew was that in the moment when she was sucked into the Extreme Violet Ring, there had been 100,000 mystic realm demons surging towards her!

She could imagine just how intense and tragic such a battle would be!

Yan Littlemoon was well aware of her own abilities. If she was exposed to such a gruesome battlefield, there was only a single fate that awaited her.

That was to be eaten up without a skeleton, without even the slightest pieces left for a burial. And in that key moment, she had been taken in by Lin Ming and placed into his Extreme Violet Ring. But, this also meant that Lin Ming would have to shoulder the entire following battle himself!

Yan Littlemoon knew that Lin Ming was far stronger than she was, to a ridiculous degree. But in such a brutal battle, she didn’t have full confidence that Lin Ming would be able to safely escape.

All she could do was wait as time slowly passed in the minor dimension. Soon, an hour passed and there still wasn’t any news from outside of the Extreme Violet Ring. Yan Littlemoon began to feel a bit anxious.

She was afraid that Lin...

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