Chapter 1056 – Dragon Bone In Hand

Chapter 1056 – Dragon Bone In Hand

Although the disciples of the Ancient Dragon Clan were formidable, their cultivations were too uneven. The highest among them were at the middle Divine Sea realm and the lowest among them were at the seventh stage Life Destruction realm.

The difference between a seventh or eighth stage Life Destruction martial artist and Dragon One was an entire large boundary and several small boundaries. This gap in strength was simply too great, and also meant that there were several weak points in the 36 Astral Heaven Formation. And, after having undergone multiple collisions, the formation finally began to collapse, starting from these weak points!

As for those seventh and eighth stage Life Destruction disciples, they had consumed nearly all of their true essence and had also lost consciousness. If they fell into the army of 100,000 mystic realm demons in such a situation, their fate could be imagined.

“This is bad!”

Dragon Eight and Dragon 12 watched as those 10 individuals with a less than ninth stage Life Destruction cultivation suffered grievous damage and they began to feel anxious in their hearts. A cold chill swept across their back. Once the array formation shattered, all that awaited them was death.

In this life or death situation, Dragon One’s eyes flashed with a cold and inhuman light....

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