Chapter 1055 – Opportunity

Chapter 1055 – Opportunity

In the sky, the longer the fight continued, the more vicious it became. At this time, it could only be described as absolutely frigid.

Whether it was the mystic realm demons or the disciples of the four God Beast Clans, all of them were betting their lives and desperately fighting!

Dragon One’s face was pale. As for the other Dragon Clan disciples, all of them had consumed a massive amount of energy. If this battle ended, even if they lived, if they didn’t obtain the supreme dragon bone then they would only live for another 10,000-20,000 years.

To a genius, this was undoubtedly fatal.

Thus, they had to win!


Another crazy collision occurred. A dozen Ancient Dragon Clan disciples felt their bodies shake and a sweet coppery taste touch the back of their throats. They immediately vomited a mouthful of blood! And, the only seventh stage Life Destruction disciple paled, his lips shivering. He had finally reached his limits.

The Ancient Dragon Clan’s disciples were mostly at the eighth or ninth stage of Life Destruction; the seventh stage disciple was the lowest amongst them. This disciple also didn’t have heaven-defying talent like Lin Ming, thus his combat strength was limited. Within such a crazy battle, he found it extremely difficult to continue.

Let alone him, even Dragon...

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