Chapter 1053 – Sneaky

Chapter 1053 – Sneaky

Rumble rumble rumble!

With Dragon One in the lead, the Ancient Dragon Clan disciples rushed over in a blazing surge of light. Every breath of time, a dozen mystic realm demons would be torn to nothing by their rainbow-colored corona!

Of course, such a savage killing method required the Ancient Dragon Clan disciples to expend a great deal of their source strength as the foundation. These disciples had all burnt a portion of their life’s blood essence!

Moreover, the closer they got to the Asura King, the greater the pressure they felt!

They had already reached a distance where there were mystic realm demons that had lived for thousands or even for 10,000 years. The mystic realm demons violently impacted against the Ancient Dragon Clan disciples!

And, as the Ancient Dragon Clan disciples were braving their way towards the Asura King, the other clans’ disciples were all taking different actions.

The three great clans each had their own small core group. The Ancient Phoenix Clan took Xiao Ping as the head, the Kirin Clan took Jiang Bai as the head, and the Roc Clan took their own eldest disciple, Argent Gale, as their head. With these three acting as the center, and with the God Beast Clan disciples that were familiar with ancient array formations supporting them, they also rushed over towards the Asura King,...

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