Chapter 1052 – Grandmist Battle Armor

Chapter 1052 – Grandmist Battle Armor

Yan Littlemoon looked at the scenery around her in a shocked daze. Right in front of her was a lush and vibrant medicine garden, completely filled with spirit herbs that were 100,000 years old and above. It was a verdant land, colored with spring. And behind this medicine garden, there was a palace. As she saw this, she immediately knew where she was. She was in Lin Ming’s spatial ring, in a minor dimension formed within.

“That fellow… he rescued me…”

As she looked at this quiet and peaceful scenery, Yan Littlemoon felt all sorts of strange and complex emotions fill her heart.

She never thought that in the final moment, Lin Ming would receive her into his Extreme Violet Ring. As long as Lin Ming didn’t die and the ring didn’t break, she would be safe and well.

And in terms of Lin Ming’s combat effectiveness, Yan Littlemoon didn’t know why, but she felt an inexplicable blind belief in him. Even though she knew that it was impossible for him to resist 100,000 mystic realm demons, she still thought that he could escape, even if he couldn’t obtain the dragon bone.


And at this moment, outside of the Extreme Violet Ring, a life and death slaughterfest had been engaged between the disciples of the four God Beast Clans and the mystic realm demons!

This was 100,000 mystic...

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