Chapter 1051 – The Great War Begins

Chapter 1051 – The Great War Begins

Dragon One sucked in a deep breath, a cold light shining in his eyes. He knew that if he tried to keep this a secret and kill them all, even he couldn’t manage that! Moreover, if they fought then they would inevitably be weakened in the aftermath, adding even more variables to the situation!

At this moment, two more beams of blue light caught up. They were disciples from the Roc Clan, the Blue-winged Roc Branch. They were favored children of the Wind Laws and excelled at speed. Dealing with their high speed movements was extremely difficult.

“What is that?”

“I have no idea! It should be some kind of extreme saint beast, or possibly even a God Beast bone!”

The Blue-winged Roc disciple as well as the Fire Kirin disciples could all feel the terrifying aura emanating from the God Beast bone. Such a great lucky chance left them all frothing with excitement.

“Mm? Those are the Ancient Dragon Clan’s people! Dragon One, Dragon Six, Dragon Eight, Dragon 12… so many of them!” As the Blue-winged Roc disciple saw so many Ancient Dragon Clan disciples here, his heart immediately sank.

“Shit! We were too late! The Dragon Clan people definitely won’t let off such a fat piece of meat. Moreover, there are still 100,000 mystic realm demons here that are extremely difficult to deal with. Wanting to obtain that divine bone will be far too difficult.”

“Summon all our...

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