Chapter 105 – Torrential River Rope!

Chapter 105 – Torrential River Rope!

“Even though I will be punished, it is far better than being surpassed by Lin Ming in the future!”

“Moreover, a dead genius is no longer a genius. The Seven Profound Martial House will not kill me over someone who is dead. With the Tenth Prince secretly helping me, the worst that will happen is I will be dismissed from the Martial House and banished or exiled to the frontier.”

But to Zhu Yan, being banished didn’t mean anything anymore. As for being dismissed from the Martial House, although it was a pity, it was absolutely worth it as long as he could kill Lin Ming!

This was the only chance he had to assassinate Lin Ming!

But, did he really have the ability to kill Lin Ming?

In his heart, Zhu Yan lacked confidence.

“I still have my strongest martial skill. But, this martial skill has an enormous toll on the body. I can usually only display 60% of its full might, but if I recklessly stimulate myself to force out 100% of its abilities, I might damage my meridians. If I damage these meridians, it will be difficult to connect and open them, and become a great barrier when I want to break through to the Pulse Condensation Period. But since it’s come to this point, I have no other choices left.

Zhu Yan’s face flashed with...

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